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Carlton-Bates為Bud Industries提供卓越獎供應商獎bwin中文官网

發表於:2022年3月11日,布萊爾·哈斯(Blair Haas)

雖然我們在芽的所有人都很自豪地專注於提供最好的bwin官网app電子外殼對於工業電子行業來說,得到他人的努力仍然很棒。Recently, Carton-Bates, one of Bud’s long time distributors, rewarded us with their bronze “Supplier Excellence Award” for our work with their team in 2020. It was presented to us for our efforts to coordinate with their sales, product management and logistics teams in providing product that was modified specifically for several customers’ needs in addition to our ongoing support of their efforts in selling our entire line. In the industrial electronics industry,修改的電子外殼bwin官网app,更不用說標準外殼不是“性感”的產品,而對於許多買家和工程師來說,通常是事後的想法。通常,與奧斯卡金像獎一樣,獲獎者是“熱門”產品,而不是電子外殼的“角色演員”。bwin官网app

巴德和卡爾頓 - 貝特斯在一起曆史悠久。到我大約50年前加入Bud的時候,我們與公司建立了良好的關係。I remember a visit to Little Rock early in my career when I was Bud’s distributor sales manager and I had a meeting (and lunch) with Joe Carlton, founder of their firm in 1957 and his son Bill who was closer to my age and they were incredibly supportive of the “new kid” in the industry. My father and Joe had a close relationship and Bill and I served on many industry committees together and our professional and personal relationship helped both of us grow our companies and our careers. In recent years, we have been excited to work with the successor leaders after the family sold Carlton-Bates. Chris Wadsworth (pictured below) and I have traveled together to many industry meetings, talked industry strategy and have built many personal and professional memories, the best part of working in this industry.

Bud總裁Josiah Haas獲得了Carlton-Bates Management的供應商服務卓越獎

上麵是頒獎晚宴上的照片。From the left it is Manny Brunson, VP of Sales at Carlton-Bates, Travis Erpenbach, Director of Sales Operations and Supplier Relations, Josiah Haas, President of Bud Industries, Lynn Viers, Bud’s Regional Sales manager and Chris Wadsworth, the GM of Carlton-Bates and VP OEM/Electronics at their parent company, Wesco. Alas, I was unable to be at the meeting and trade show and I am guessing that since we won an award when I was not there, I may not be allowed to attend too many of the meetings in the future. Below is Josiah with Jennifer Townsend, who was our Supplier Relations Manager at the time and who apparently realized that working with us was as good as it gets and jumped ship to the manufacturing side working with Phoenix Contacts early in 2022. Their entire team is incredibly professional and strives to provide the best for their customers.

Bud總裁Josiah Haas受到前Carlton-Bates產品經理Jennifer Townsend的祝賀

雖然NDA使我們避免了與Carlton-Bates團隊取得成功的太多細節,但我將提到一些很好的例子。第一批涉及支持執法的技術,並使用了我們的NEMA/IP額定NBF係列塑料電子外殼的修改版本。bwin官网app我們與Carlton團隊及其客戶的CM緊密合作,使用我們最新的機器人係統使用Bud提供交鑰匙產品,以完善盒子中快速安裝電子產品所需的孔。我們以行業中最快的修改時間來做到這一點。垃圾處理行業中的第二個客戶使用電子設備和我們的盒子來幫助確定各個位置的支持需求。這個機會使用了我們的PN係列IP68 NEMA 6全天候塑料外殼來確保其敏感的傳感電子設備。